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Ok, it's time to clear out one of my storage units so something has to go. Here is an initial partial list of things that must go:

Craftsman 12" variable speed band saw. It has a 23x26" work surface, a 6" depth of cut, a couple of brand new blades, miter & fence and it tilts to 45 degrees. $250.00

Gas welding outfit: 2 sets of gauges &hoses. 2 - oxygen bottles, 1 acetylene bottle, (these are the big commercial style bottles, all three are full), 2 - cutting torches, 1 -gas welding torch body with various size tips. $500.00

PowerKraft AC/DC arc welder with the regular leads that came with itplus another set of extra long leads (25'?). This machine has a maximum setting at 250 amps. It'll weld anything you want. $150.00

I have a bunch of car parts...carbs, manifold, chrome oil pan, aplastic barrel full of engine nuts & boltsetc. All of the car parts are Chevy. (I used to build street rods and have stuff left over). I also have some body shop hand tools: set of wooden paddles for lead work on car bodies, slide hammers, hammer & dollies. I don't have all of this stuff ready available right now. If you've ever had a storage unit for a long period of time, youknow what I'm talking about. It's like that spaghetti sauce they advertise on TV...It's in there. No price on the cars parts yet, just testing the waters for interested parties on the forum.

I'm selling this stuff because as a lot of you know I recently retired. I enrolled and completed a course of studyat a Luthier School in Georgia recently. I nowbuild and repairguitars, banjos, violins, etcand no longer have use for these items.I'm bridling a shop behind my house and have no room for a lot of the stuff I've been holding onto for many years.

Anyone wishing to contact me please use my regular email address: [email protected]


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