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Well it's time to clear out some of the items that are taking up space in our storage units.

Here is a short list with pictures...hopefully:)

1 - Wurlitzer piano and bench. It's painted a really ugly green (I didn't paint it) but it's all there. I bought it for my music store but ran out of room. It was tuned when we put it in storage 1 year ago. It will need to be tuned again. I have the name and telephone number of the piano tuner we use through the store. He charges $50 or $75 and does a great job. Piano & bench $150.0

1 - Model GSSI scaffolding. Adjustable height, 1,000lbs load capacity, large locking casters, L-745/8",H-75", W-297/8" We bought it new at Lowe's in Sept 2008, used it to build out the music store and it's been in storage ever since. $400.00

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