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1 YEAR OLD!!!! 2004 model Blue wave for sale, but bought in 2006, so 90 hp Tohatsu warranty is just over a year old as far as 3 year warranty. Boat is HANDLAID fiberglass 12" draft with lifetime warranty. 18' center console with t-top from Breeze Fabricators. This boat rides extremely lite, top speed about 38 mph (used to be higher, but had it repropped for more low end power outta the hole. Full load with 5 guys and gear and beer, it jumps right up on plane)

Boat hasd 2 live wells, insulated large fish cooler, dry storage, under console storage, and electronics box. Great deck for casting on, or to put yer woman on for a tan.

Extras include, Garmin color GPS with bluechart chip, Lowrance bottom machine, radio,/cd player with 2 speakers, dual batteries and selector switch, spotlite mounted on front of t-top, spreader lite mounted on back.

I have been accused of trying to wash the paint off the boat while cleaning and flushing motor after EVERY use. Boat motor and trailer are in like new condition. The 2 rear seats have big tears in the vinyl wich I am getting replaced with brand new seats from blue wave. Other than that, perfect.

Hows gas? 4 guys put in at Shorline in Gulf Breeze, with about 10 bags of ice and beer, and butloads of freedivin and spearfishin gear, and head to the pass. Play around, stop about 10 times on the way, and go full throttle all the way to Navvare Pier. Head back to the pass, then to Shorline Ramp.

Burned only $40 freakin dollars of gas!!!

I personnaly have had this boat out 5 miles in the gulf, no problems. It only has a 12" draft, and rides like a cork on top of the waves. I have had it in seas comming home that would keep bigger boats at the dock. its a solid built boat. For example, the rub rail is not riveted, or screwed on. It is actually BOLTED on. They went the distance with hand crafting these boats.

FINANCING MAY BE POSSIBLE!! $2000, and take over payments of $313.75 per month for a total of $14,500.

This boat has had the motor seviced by Gulf Breeze Marine Boat Sales. Damn good people.

Thats one of the big roomy live wells under that seat. The rear compartment in the deck is a insulated fish box, with LOTS of room, and the foward is dry storage that makes available the rest of the space under the deck!

One of the rear seats holds the 2 batteries and selector switch, the other one is another livewell.

The seat behind the center console is an igloo cooler under the cushioned lid for yer beer! Notice the 2 rear seats have rips in the vnyl. That is the only flaws in this boat, and I am getting brand new ones from the factory to replace them before the sale. The rest of the boat is in PERFECT condition!

Stingray hydrafoil on motor helps it jump on plane FAST and trims it out perfect!

Lotsa walk around room.

REAL nice deck!

Dash, electronics, windshield, and great drivers view!

Solid T-Top with thick welds, and electronics box.

20 gallon gas tank inside the CC, so easy to service if ever need be. Plus more storage under the CC.

Electronics box housing the CD/Radio, and more storage.

Me and Medicman took this thru the pass, and to the 3 barges, then to the Tex Edwards launching from Shorline PArk in Gulf Breeze. With 4 scuba tanks, full gear, including weights, 3 spearguns, BC vest, drinks, lunch, ice, regular boat gear (lifejackets fire ectengisher ect), the only thing thaT WASNT STOWED IN A COMPARTMENT WAS THE 3 SPEARGUNS (TOO LONG) and one BC. Everything was in a compartemt, including 5 lifejackets, anchor and rope, and 4 scuba tanks. And with all that weight, and the mileage we went, and makin other stops on the way back, WE ONLY BURNED $20 IN GAS!!!!!!! Cruising at 34 mph most of the time!

This is a lotta bang for a 18 foot boat!

It is currently parked right up front at Gulf Breeze Marine Boat Sales and Service.


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Just think of all the dive gear and the type ofcamera you can buy when you finally get rid of all that stuff you have sitting around Clay. Get it sold, so that friend of mine can fix his CAT and take me out and not get beat to death.:poke

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This is a real nice boat folks. I've been out in it and it handles conditions very well. If you ask me it's the perfect size fishing machine for the bay and a few miles out. If I had the cash I'd buy it b/c i know it's worth every penny!
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