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<UL><LI>Caught Fresh Daily <LI>Individually Quick Frozen <LI>Sold in 2lb Ziplock Bagsor </LI>[/list]

traditional 5lb Boxes

<U>You Pick-up Price</U><UL><LI>IQF Frozen Cigar Minnows -$1.65 per lb.<LI>FreshCaught UnfrozenCigar Minnows - $1.20per lb. </LI>[/list]

<U>Tax included</U>

Call for delivery

Want one? Thaw one. Want three? Thaw three.

Thaw out as many as you like. Save the rest for later.

Live Bait is also available upon request.

We are located in Southport. 10-15 minutes north of Panama City Mall on Hwy 77. If you're traveling north on Hwy 77 in Southport,turn onthe first road to the right, Ballpark Rd, after you go through the red light. Our freezer is the first place on the right.

If you are interested in cigar minnows Dead or Alive, my contact number is 850-441-0341.

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