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I am gonna spend a lil money and get a better resolution video camera. This camera takes decent video 100 feet down, and GREAT pictures. BUt I don't slow down to take pics, I just like to leave the video rolling the whole dive. Since I am kinda getting into this, and am going to quit roofing, and become a underwater videographer (I wish!:letsdrink) I want to drop some more loot and get a higher end video.

180' depth, 6.0 mega pix, 12x zoom (3x optical 4x digital), 2 hour video, flash, 2.4" LCD color screen.

Accepts all types of lens, wide angle, filter, zoom, ect.

You cannot find a better deal.

I will include the 2gig card I have in it it, (have you priced those recently?) It takes over 2 hours of video, and 675 pictures. With 2 Lithium AA disposable batteries it will take over 2 hours of video before they die.

All the functions of the camera are usuable when it is in the case underwater, including the zoom.I have the USB cord, box, ownersmanual, ect. This is a great underwater camera for the price, with good quality, 6.0 megapixels. Just doesn't take realhigh quality video if you have watchedmy movies. If you havent seen one, here is one all with this camera. Rember, youtube degrades it though, The copy on my computer and CD is much better. And click on the second button from the right below the screen, to reduce the screen and the quality will look better.

$200 and you can be a rock star! Helmet not included.:letsdrink
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