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well you can uses chum to day and chum later :)
have you had good results with just menhaden oil? it used to be like candy to sharks back home but i have not had anny good results here, what are your thoughts on it?

have you been having any luck lately? what you been pulling up?

I went out last night and soaked some baits, was using a hook way to big to test it out. Was using a 20-0 circle with a chunkof ray. missed a hook up on something with inch wide teeth spaced every 3/4 of an inch, he did a slow roll for about 40 yards before spitting it. had i used something smaller prob would have gotten a hook up, so im dropping back down to 12 to 14-0 circles.
had a few more and pulled a small 3 foot BT. he pract. waterskied when i reeled him on in on a 30tw. did not even feel him on the line! will post report on oter forum on monday.
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