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Choosing the right Washdown Pump

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Hello all,

I am having difficulty choosing which washdown pump to purchase for my boat. Many pffer's tell me that Jabsco is the best. Which model is better: The Parmax 4.0 GPM or the Hotshot 4.0 GPM? I have a 26 ft Prosport that I use for offshore fishing primarily. Any advice helps.

Thanks in Advance,
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You will be fine with the Parmax 4.

Never had a jabsco. I am on my third shuflo in 5 years, guess I like rewiring pumps in small confined work areas... Shoulda been a double jointed leprechaun. Next time maybe I will try a jabsco...
Sureflow..... AKA No-flow.
Just keep buying the warranty's at West!
That sounds like a story I had many many years ago. A man came in to the auto parts house I worked at with a starter. He wanted another one.

The starter was pretty clean and new looking. I asked if he bought it here? He said no...he bought it at Trout Auto Parts. Now if some of you people that lived around here long enough remember Trout Auto Parts? They were known to sell cheap stuff.

I told him Trout will warranty it for you. He said I know.... This is the 3rd one and I'm tired of changing them..... I sold him one of our starters and he was happy. :)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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