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Mullet are starting to show up at the river delta holes, but they are mostly silvers and slim jims. skinny long things, but they will eat. Later today I'll have some on the smoker. my first batch this year.
Folks are pulling in some decent bream here and there up and down the river. No huge numbers yet, but the take has been worth the effort.
A recent catfish tournament based out of Black Creek Lodge was very successful. The photos posted were full of flatheads and others. I believe the big fish was something like 38 lbs.
The river will be on a little rise after the storm yesterday but it won't last long. This past winter we got some of the usual flooding for this time of year, but not what has been seen in past years. I hope it was enough to produce the bull bream and shellcrackers we see starting in about mid April. So far I haven't caught any whoppers to speak of, just good hand size eaters.


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