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My name on the forum is Capt Mike and many of you know me as I have been selling "coops" for a long time. I have not sold many coops on this forum due to the fact that many people think that these big fish in great numbers "can be yours if you dump whatever we can weld together and sneak or lawfully deploy which will supply our little group for decades. This is far from the truth because most of the proto-types I have seen pictures of will never survive even a mild tropical storm in the waters off Destin to Gulfport. I have spent 18 years dumping things I thought would "dig in- not roll-flow through, and John Q. Public should beware of his dollars spent VS his enjoyment factor When we listen to the reef makers of which I am one they tell us that - Their "hype" is that their stuff will outlast any other or will last 40 years which should not be the most important factor in the decision to put out funds to create a place that I as a recreational fisherman or woman can and do catch beautiful fish that others have to charter and pay "Big Bucks" to catch on a regular basis.

What I want the recreational fishermen and women to realize "right now-TODAY" is that we have turned the corner on Red Snapper in the gulf and many are going to "bitch and groan" about this post but "if" you keep up with the fishery and ALL news regarding what the feds have the capacity to do to US they at this time are asking each other "What did we miss!" We have had these people on the ropes since 1998!!! (First year they SCREWED up our world!) We went to a TOTALLY CONTROLLED govt (small caps due to respect factor) fishery and THEY THROUGH THE BUILDING OF PRIVATE REEFS BEAT US AT OUR OWN GAME!!!!!

Please recreational people "BLOW YOUR HORN!!!!-if you deployed structure in the Northern Gulf Of Mexico Between 1998 and 2010 BE PROUD-You are the answer that they can't CONTROL!!!!!! They are at work through the Corps Of Engineers and the State Of Alabama and Florida to make things "hard" for us but we will not Yield- now or never. Because we have the best interest of the fishery at Heart not what is politically popular!!!!!

Thanks for listening.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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