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hello all just wanted you to check out a new site that can help add another tool to help you be the best inshore angler you can be...

This is a site developed by Capt Rick Murphy one of our well known shallow water fishing experts in Florida. The site is a paysite so it is not for everyone. You can sign up and get two weeks free before deciding if you want to keep it on a monthly or yearly subscribtion.

This site is not to replace any sites you currently are using but to add to developing your skills and knowledge for fishing.

Please check it out and when you sign up please let them know your good friend Capt Wes told you about it...oh yeah i will be giving the inshore daily report and yes i will continue to give reports here as well.

Again this is a site to add to your desk top not to stop using other great sites that you already have!

tight lines!
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