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Ok, looking for some info on fiberglass repair.

I have a 1978 28' angler. I love this boat and it has been great for me so far. Let me say that I paid very little money for it and it has already paid for itself so I'm not complaining about the boat (I bought if off the forum. Ther person who sold it to me was very honest about what the boat was and what it needed).

The boat has an old repair in the front where it oviously hit something. It looks like it was repaired with marine plywood and then fiberglassed over. Some cracks have begun to form along the repair line where the railing screws into the hull. The fron of the boat still feels very solid, but I dont one a small problem to get bigger.

I'm looking for someone who can re-fiberglass ofer the top end where the repair was made. Let me emphasize that I do not care what it looks like. We can use different color paint, duck tape, whatever is called for (just kidding about the duck tape). This is an old boat alredy and I'm just looking at getting a couple of more fishing seasons out of her until I get a new one. I will then sadly retire this boat and keep the trailer and nav gear.

Does anyone know any backyard mechanic who does this kind of repair on the cheap. I'm willing to help with the repair in anyway I can.

Thanks for any help that you guys can provide. I'm sure there is someone out there looking for a little extra christmas money.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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