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We can all bitch and moan.... [I have done plenty of that myself over the last 5+ weeks] ..... but the cold, hard fact is that it is out there and still spewing untold barrels of crude into our GOM every day.

And unless a miracle occurs it will be on our sugar white beaches at some point. All one has to do is look at one or both of the links below to figure that out. It ain't 'rocket science'.

I am sure there is plenty of blame to go around...... but that sure isn't going to fix this one.
Hopefully in the future there will be multiple safe guards that will positively work if something like this ever occurs again.

But again.... this does not fix this one. I am sure they are doing all that can possibly be done to fix it, but so far nothing has worked.

I have been going to the Gulf since 1957, as a very young kid. And have spent most summers here since....... untold fishing trips and time spent on the water....... same as many of you. It is sad beyond belief.

And like many of you, my lively hood is derived from tourism in this area. When it does come ashore, tourism will all but be over........ so what is plan "B" to earn a living??? I am at loss........

And as far as the fishing industry at large goes....... I certainly do not know what the long term effects will be....... but common sense tells us it will not be good. And who know how long it will take to recover. Certainly not me........

But for anyone who thinks this is just a "turd in a swimming pool" senerio...... I am afraid you will be sadly mistaken. In fact, if you do believe that...... remember, by law if there is even one turd in a public pool; the pool is supposed to be drained and cleaned before refilling.

I am just saying that to say, "This is real, the "sky" as we know it is falling. It is just a matter of when and where it lands."

The GOM as we know it may never be the same in our lifetime. And I'll be the first to say I hope I am 100% wrong........... but we better not count on that.

Just my .02 .......... :(

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Matt Mcleod (30/05/2010)Why the hell does my postget erased but this jackass and his violincan still demean everyone on the gulf coast who cares about what happens with the oil spill!!!!!!
Because I missed it.....hows this?
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