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Chaise Lounge

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What I have for sale is Beautiful Chaise Lounge. This is not "cheap chinsy" furniture from big lots. It is sturdy custom furniture. The woodwork on it is beautiful. There is only one blemish on the entire piece which is a half inch slit at the top (Pictured) It could be repaired easily.

The ONLY reason we are selling this piece is because it does not suit my taste. It is from my girlfriend's previous marriage and just doesn't suit me at all. Other than that it is very comfortable, and looks great!

The dimensions are as follows:
Sitting length: 5 feet
Overall Length 6 feet

Sitting width 28"
Overall width 36"

$350 OBO May consider trades... PM me
Please feel free to call or text me @ 850-291 8483, or PM ME


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Need this gone, otherwise its just gonna rot in the garage :(
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