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Carpet Replacement- 14ft. John

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I'd like to get the interior carpet replaced in my 14 foot john boat. Please recommend someone local that does good work at a fair price...Thanks, Mike
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i have a friend that does stuff like that. i'll ask what he would do it for.
At this point I'd even take a recommendation for a local professional that does boat carpet...please help all.

Heard from Bluewater2, but no follow up. Still looking fora carpet man. Anyone have luck with Rhino lining? I don't think I want to go with bare aluminum since it gets so hot.

i'll call my friend again. i didn't get him last time.
I bought astro-turf from home depot and cut and installed it with industrial addheisive.
I've seen the Rino Lining type stuff (actual product was Line X) sprayed in the bottom of small aluminum boats before and it makes a nice durable coating. The only problem is that most of that stuff comes in black and it is just about as hot as the bare aluminum. I had an aluminum boat one time that I cut plywood to fit the bottom and used a staple gun to attach astro turf type carpet to. I did not attach the plywood and you could just popout the sectionsto clean underneath. Having the wood on the bottom was much cooler and muchquiter.
Can't go wrong with the two post from above. Depends ON WHAT YOU WANT. Surfstrykers would be the easiest and cheapest but depends on the owner.
Thanks guys. I'm still looking for a pro to recarpet my boat. Let me know.I wouldn't have been so slow getting back if I knew how to flag my post to alert me to replies on the new forum. Help for that would be great too...Mike
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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