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Carb issue??? 1990 20hp Evinrude

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My dad bought a boat from a friend. The motor sat up for several years. He soaked the carb in carb cleaner and even boiled it for a couple of hours. He used a new fuel tank with fresh gas.

It will crank for just a second if he sprays starter fluid into it but it stops as soon as it burns it up. There is fuel in the bowl of the carburetor.

Any idea what is wrong or what he can do to test or fix it?
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Spraying starter fluid into a 2 cycle engine will do irreversible damage. Your essentially washing the lubrication from the cylinders with it. Sounds like the needle valve is stuck closed or the low speed jet is clogged. Get a carb kit, and a gallon of B-12 Chemtool if you haven't already. Kit will come with new needle, needle and gaskets. Fully disassemble, including jets and remove all gaskets/float before soaking.
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