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Car For Sale!! 40 Plus Miles to the Gallon!! Must Sell Now!!

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2003 White Toyota Echo with 80,000 miles on it! This is a great running car that I have to sell because my new salesjob requires me to have an SUV! Believe me, with gas prices like they are now I wouldnt sell it if I didnt have to!

Car has never gave me any problems! Has AT, Air condition, and get over 40MPG! Im asking $6,400


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Someone buy this car! We've had a toyota for a year (Matrix). For value, economy, dependability, etc., you can't go wrong. My philosophy is to get from A to B as economically and hassle free as possible. I know of several toyotas (well maintained) w/over 250K miles, and still run great! Can you say $4.00/gallon? You will!

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