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hello anglers capt wes rozier here. i am a professional angler and have been fishing these waters in our area for 40 years. i am cleaning out my inventory of tackle and ran across a few pieces of tackle that will catch a lot of species of fish in our area.

below i have listed each lure and its retail price. what the lure will catch. please read and see if this package of lures will be right for your tackle box. i have attached a picture as well.

this package sells retail for $37.87! i am asking $22.00!!!!

1 7m mirrolure...retail $5.75

1 catch jr mirrolure...retail $4.50

1 33mrg mirrolure...retail $4.50

1 gold spoon...retail $3.00

1 equalizire popping cork...retail $2.25

5 plastic tails...retail...$3.00

2 1/4 oz jigheads...retail $1.25

2 1 1/2 oz jigheads...retail $2.00

1 2 oz bucktail jig...retail $3.25

1 speck rig white...retail $1.75

1 redfish rig green...retail $1.90

1 DOA...retail $1.75

in this package you get three mirrolures. topwater slow sink and sink. these mirrolures will catch specks, reds, spanish, bluefish, blue runners, small kings, small cobia, small tarpon and ladyfish.

the gold spoon is by far one of the best redfish lures on the market.

the soft plastic and jig heads are used to bounce the bottom for flounder, specks and red fish both slot and bulls.

the popping cork rigged with a jig head and soft plastic is great for the flats and will catch all fish listed above.

the 2 oz bucktail jig is used for bull red fish when sighted in the gulf or bay busting the top of the water. it can also be used for jigging the bottom when the red fish go down.

the red fish and speck rigs can be used to troll for all fish listed above or casted and retrieved back to the boat or shore.

the DOA is the best soft body bait you will ever use!

EMAIL me with any questions you may have at [email protected]

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