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Okay guys I have a question for ya. I want a reel with good line capacity wihout having to use braid. At least 300 yards of 15lb line. 300 yards of 20 is preferable. My limit is about 150 dollars. I've looked at a number of reels and can't eally decide on what I want. This reel is going to be used for various types of fishing. King, red, cobia, small shark. I was originally going to go with a penn 850ssm or even another 750 but have decided that I want to try new things. I'm currently looking at either an Okuma or a Fin Nor. I know these reels seem like they are at two different ends of the scale but I've heard a lot of good things about the new Okuma line as well as the Fin Nors. I am currently looking at the Okuma Avenger ABF 65 or 90. Both Okumas weigh nearly the same 27.4oz and 27.6oz. The 65 holds 325 yards of 15lb mono while the 90 holds 590 yards of 20lb mono....yes 590 yards and is a bait feeder. The cost is about60 bucks after shipping. The Fin Nor Off Shore OF65 holds 400 yards of 20lb mono and costs 135.00 w/o shipping. It's not a bait feeder (not too important to me) Now I would imagine that most will say to get the Fin Nor and that is probably the way I'll go. But has anybody used the Okuma Avenger? Any good / bad experiences? Most user reviews rave about the Okuma and the same can be said about the Fin Nor.

I really can't decide. I think I'm going to ask for the Okuma for Christmas from my brother and buy the Fin Nor myself.....that seems to solve the problem. Anyway let me know if you guys have any other suggestions. I own Penn mostly and love em, I just got a Shimano and love it too. So now I'm wanting to get a brand I haven't tried yet.......hmmm maybe one of those nice Quantums.......decisions decisions.
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