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Not sure how many of you have had to chance to check out the Calendar but it's very cool! I set it up so that all of you guys can add events to it and see that a few of you have done so already! It's easy to use and should prove to be a great resource on here. One really nice thing that this calendar does over the old forum is it puts birthdays on it as well as the events.

When adding events, you can span them across a date range, make them recurring, change colors and so on. It's easy to use!!! If you are a forum junkie, I believe you can also add private events that only you can see so you can use it as a personal calendar (haven't tested that though)

Please don't abuse it and lets keep events related to fishing, hunting, boating and for a forum get together. A forum get together is one that is a public invite for all members. This can be a public invite to a card game, birthday party for a member or just a good ol' time around a fire to talk about fishing and hunting. If you have an event that you think everyone would be interested in such as a sale or something, it's OK to post as long as it is for a store related to what this forum is about. I will even let members who want to offer a special offer to PFF members post these offers here. For example, Barry Cole offering a 75% off discount for forum members between Dec. 10th and Dec 20th would be acceptable as long as this is not a public discount available to the general public. (hint, hint Barry, get working on that one and I will be visiting you for sure this year for my wife's Christmas gift)

Anyway, if you haven't visited the Calendar, check the link out on the top right of your screen! You will find it very useful, especially next year when the fishing season starts back up!
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