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BW buck

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Late post, but better late than never huh,shot him with a slug in a bottom, really thick area. His nose was on the ground and he wasn't stopping for nothing only had about 3sec to decide if I was going to shoot, saw the horns, new he was legit and let him have it. He didn't take another step, my best to date out of blackwater not an old deer but a good one none the less, put a little meat in the freezer and some horns on the wall...
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Nothing wrong with that buck!!! Good deal!!!!
thats a fine BW buck !!
Nice BW buck, and good shooting. :notworthy:
The rut is in full swing around here right now. Gotta love Florida! They open up the season in October and make you wait forever before it really gets good. Good job on a great public land buck!
Nice Buck! Congrats!
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