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Headed out to the camp on Saturdaywith the 11 year olds(Trey, Tristan, and Taryn) and my 14 year old Will. The trips had a soccer game in the morning so we did some grocery shopping on the way and arrived just in time for the evening hunt. Tristan and Will both sighted in their rifles friday pm at the Quintette range and was impressed with both. Wills weekend was un-eventful from a shooting standpoint seeing a few does and yearling but no bucks.

As for Tristan, well it was exciting. Saturday PM had us sitting a ladder stand about 80 yards from a food plot that another fellow and seen some bucks in a couple of weeks ago. Tristan took his first deer last year. The shot was late and what we thought was a doe ended up being a young spike. We got in the stand about 3:15 PM and at 3:25 a cowhorn stepped up to the edge of the plot. The wind was at our back as it turned out and though we had scent lock and were elevated, this deer just knew somthing wasn't right a turned and left. About 4:00 two bucks steped up to the plot at the same place as the cowhorn. The first has at least three on the left side and a fork on the right, but was thin horned and was inside the ears. I could only see a fork on the other ones left side, however it had a lot of mass and was probably 18" above his head. I couldn't tell what ther other side was but it was as tall. The rack was just inside the ears and the deer was much larger in body size. Tristan could see the bigger one but they just stood there about a minute and turned and left. What a rush, I thought he was gonna get a shot something mature for the Outcast Big Buck Contest Jr. division. Wind had us licked.

I bowhunted the next morning to no avail. Evening hunt came and this time the wind was right, so back to the same stand we went. Nothing till about 4:45 and out comes some deer. They start feeding and I see one of them is the same cowhorn spike from before. I told Tris to sight him up and practice holding still, breathing, and squeezing the trigger. About five minutes of that and he doesn't want to wait on the othr bucks to show. I try and talk to him about being patient only to hear him explain that they might not show and this is his first real buck and he is about to step out of his shooting lane. No I said then he said please this is the last day of the youth hunt and it would be an awesome way for us to start our season togeather. What the heck do you say to that. So, Tristan lines him up and smokes a cowhorn spike with a browtime to make it a 3 point and now he knows he has to shoot 4 or better from now on. Pics to come soon and maybe a video link (classic) if I can figure out all this high tech.

PS-Woody, please cut me some slack on the young buck kill:doh
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