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Gotta away finally yesterday afternoon for a little bow hunt action. Got in the stand about 3:00 pm. Deer tracks all over the roads and the acorns were gone by the time I got to my stand in the middle of 4 white oaks. Guess they went nuts right after the rain quit. About 5:15 I see a deer sneaking along off to my right. Heart rate picked up when i saw horns and a sec later I'm looking at a cowhorn about 8" long probably 10" spread. Not what I'm after so I look where he came from and here comes two more. I'm thinking bachelor group and soon see that them other two bucks must be little spikes or button. They feed around and one goes through some bush coming right at me and I just sit tight. Out steps the prettiest 120# doe at 10 yards and she looks straight up at me. :banghead I'm not at draw cause I'm thinking little bucks all the while and now its to late. She spooks and takes a couple of jumps away. She doesn't know what I am but they all started acting skeedish and now they all are within 25 yards and I'm trying to wait until I know for sure NONE of them are going to see me. Eventually I think I got it time and draw and all three evaporate as one of them picks up my movement. :banghead Sat there all perky until I couldn't see. Good hunt anyway.

Morning comes and I'm sleeping so good with no teenagers, eleven year olds, or dog, or wife. OK I wouldn't ahve minded the wife. Anyway, I'm not as hungry as I used to be and I enjoy the peace and quiet and slept until 9:00 am. Get up and eat breakfast with Mitch and Zach who has shot a doe this AM. We go looking for her and I find her sitting there stove up from a high shot around the hind quarter. Zach forgot the bow and we have nothing but a machete and none of is having anything to do with that so we back away and Zach goes for my pistol. Iknow its illegal but I want to end it quicky for her and its worth the risk. Get my pistol in my hand and walk back to her only for her to get up this time and hobble off before a shot. DAMN a bunch of bowhunting, I guess I'm getting soft. They are going to try and find her tomarrow but I doubt themeat will be edible.

Went for it agian tonight and saw a deer way off (no ID) and a coyote which was out of range-not that I could have killed it anyway. Back home safe tonight seriously considering moving to a crossbow. Maybe its my age but Its getting harder to deal with mishit deer. Be careful out there and please wear a saftey harness when climbing.
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