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Been a couple months since my last post, been busy with classes and hunting season but finally got out to 3MB with a friend of mine. He didn't have a yak and he rented a UWF yellow submarine so I knew the trip would be a quick one. We got out there around 6 and started fishing for dinner (white trout). We caught a few small releasers and eventually made our way out to my honey light. As I am pulling up I see a crab floating in the water so I decided to just watch it drift through the light. As thought Mr. Bull Red decides to come up and investigate when the crab got into the light. Game on. I tossed my Vudu shrimp by the crab and with one twitch the red turned around and inhaled it. Fought him for about 10-15 min, got a picture and released. I take my buddy back to the spot and tell him to drop down this lobster sized shrimp I got in my live bait and within 15 seconds he was hooked up! The bull pulled him through the pilings and out away from the bridge until he wore out. We got him on the yak, got a picture, and let 'em go. My buddy was wore out and cold so we called it a night. That was his first time catching a red that big in a yak and he's hooked.

Going out tonight to try my luck again. With this cold front that came through it might cause a stir. If anyone is interested in joining hit me up. Hope to have a good report tomorrow!

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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