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Let me first say thanks to everyone on here for putting in so much input regarding fishing in the area.

I'm new to boating and fishing in the area, and I've been lurking around here since April of this year. I've really enjoyed everyone's stories, tips, and techniques. Your input really payed off for me in a big way today....

We (my 7 year old son and I) left Shoreline Park today around 10:00 or so, started heading toward 3 mile and saw a lot of bird activity around Red marker no. 144. Put a live shrimp on and after about a 15 minute fight (12lb mono w/ 18" fluorocarbon leader) I reeled in my first "Bull Red!"

Son took photo - pretty good for a 7 year old that was pretty shaken up seeing a Redfish this size (he's used to us catching ones a LOT smaller up near Jim's Fish Camp).
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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