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Heading out tomorrow, 6 May, to dive 2 or 3 of the super reefs put into the Navarre Formation in Nov 18, getting ready for the Emerald Coast open lionfish tournament.

- Meet at Navarre Launch 0500
- launch 0530
- head directly to offshore reefs
- hook and line fish until light enough for a good dive ~0800
- dive (bounce) 2-3 super reef sites prolly about 30-60 mins between dives
- hook and line fish ~1100-1200 head in.

Bubble Watcher - have a VHF, be an experienced offshore kayak fisher.Please make sure my kayak doesn't float off the anchor line.

Fish the area, that patch reef, 400'x400' not directly over me. Each dive is a different patch reef.

P.S. have your GPS ready.

I'll post the launch location this evening.
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