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Broadheads for sale or trade

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Does anybody shoot 85 grain Thunderheads ?
I have 8 of them.
5 heads are brand new with blades. (also have 8 additional brand new blades).
3 heads are used heads w/ used blades and an additional 7 blades.
9 O-rings and blade wrench (not in photograph)
These would cost right at $100 new, I'm just clearing them out. How bout 20.00 ?
2nd ) is what I believe is a 3 set of G-5 striker 100 grain ? They look new and not shot. $15.00
3rd) is a 6 pack of 100 grain Muzzy 100s with an extra set of practice blades for tuning your broadheads. Most of the Muzzy's are new.
I'm located just west of Pensacola, next to Perdido Bay. Thanks for looking, and will trade for fishing equipment. Thanks for looking.
Pictures came out different, so G-5's are first, Muzzy's are second, 3rd is Thunderheads, 4th is Spitfires and grab bag last.


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bump for new low prices
If you weren't on the other side of the world I buy the g5 strikers... but the drive from ft walton to perdido would negate any deal I'd be getting. Good luck.
Hey Capsi
:thumbup:Yeah, it would be cost prohibitive.
But if you are interested in this brand new dozen Carbon Max II Hunter 350 shafts, I will pay shipping for both ( to the other side of the world).


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