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Bow Season Hunts at Primetime Plantation

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I know most of yall who have contacted me regarding hunting this fall are gun hunters, but with us finishing up our last few billfishing trips, I am going to be doing a lot of bowhunting and would love for some people to join me. PM me for details. Anyone up for the weekend of the 27th?
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I would be but our club cookout is that weekend!
id def love to but i have a sorority formal to go to on the 26th
im down for bowhunting anytime! pm me with deatils and im there!!!
Woody, I'd be there w/ ya brother....but w/ a jacked up knee, I can't climb:reallycrying I've hit the ladder stands a few times and after a couple hours my knee stiffens up:boo Good luck slingin' arrows and keep up when the powder starts burning....
hell people, that was just the first weekend I'd be hunting. Yall can come ANY weekend!!! These deer need to get shot-cuz if yall don't help, trust me, my roommates are bloodthirsty.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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