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Chris Couture (10/5/2007)
Bay Fisherman (10/5/2007)
Chris Couture (10/5/2007)I never hunted with my rifle last year!!! Only my bow! I choose Bow Hunting although I missed last years season due to my baby being born almost a year ago.
Chris, you should know better... birth days and weddings are suposed to be planed around the hunting season.:banghead Some people would take man points away from you for having a kid so close to the season!
Whenmy wifewas all dolled up and ready to go laying in bed21 months ago, math wasn't the first thing on my mind:banghead:banghead I'm sure many of us have fallen for that trap:)
Just spent two days up at the camp and just got home. I hope that trap gets set for me tonight:baby
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