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bottom paint

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I am looking at a storm damaged Robalo 2120, some fiberglass damage (don't worry, I have repaired 2 wrecked bass boats, one I brought back from the dead !) The bottom of the boat is bottom painted & it looks bad.. What is the best thing to do about this ? Also there are some large nicks/gouges in the bottom that I want to repair. Is it very hard to remove it all ? The ideal thing would to be get it back smooth & re-gelcoat the bottom. What to you guys think ? You see several boats that are bottom-painted, it is not a bad thing, probably 15-20% are. I re-gelcoated the entire hull of a bass boat, but it might be too hard to remove all the bottom paint. . I do not have the ability to get it off the trailer to paint other than just jacking one side up off trailer, then the other. Let me know what you think
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Stay away from the oven cleaner. If left on the gelcoat just a little too long, it will start to eat into it, and then you have a real mess.
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