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Pretty much burned through Sportsman's Best: Offshore Fishing by our own Capt Buck Hall. The local shops hadn't had it for a while, but Ifinally founda copyat GBBT. Normal price is $20 and they gave me 25% off, so I paid only $15.

Buck did an excellent job and covered many areas while keeping to the point with regard to space constrictions. I suspect he could have even written more if he had the space. The book is packed with some secrets I have never heard of or even considered. I can't wait to try some new techniques this year! He covers Dolphin, Billfish, Kings, Wahoo, trolling paterns, gear, tackle, reading the weather, adjusting to conditions and so much more. There are great pictures too, with some local guys in there as well. I give it a full five stars. Only thing is could want is MORE!

BTW- Sportsman's Best also has a Snapper & Grouper book. Very good read as well!
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