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Went this morning to sit a creek bottom that I found last week. Decided to sit on the ground. Got to the hillside before going into the bottom about 6:15 and noticed scrapes had been worked. Continued on and a buck bolted off the hillside and into the bottom where I was going. Got situated in a brush pile on my bucket seat around 6:30 and was facing the creek. Around 7:15 a real nice 8 point came up the creek and when he got 35 yards I bleated and he looked at me broadside. I had my Encore cocked and the dot on his inside shoulder and fired. There was so much smoke I had to stand to see. He wasn't there.

Looked up and down the creek over 300 yards and found nothing. No blood, no hair no nothing. He just vanished. I didn't hear him run. He just disappeared. The creek was raging like a small river so I wasn't going to cross unless I knew he did.

After looking for about 2 hours I gave up and went back to the truck. Shot the mz once and it wss about 8 inches high so I guess I missed or I hope I did. Zeroed it before the season and I guess toting it around for weeks knocked it off. Went back to Baker and zeroed it again. This time at 35 yards. Maybe I will see him again.
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