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Got there just after dark, sisters boy friend and parents already there, with a slot red in the cooler:banghead Set up and nothing else exciting, until " Jason, Jason, its a shark man, no wait its a red, HOLY $#!%," this is his first bull red:clap Finally gets it to the net quick picture and back in swiming strong. It is amazing at the scavingers on the bridge " do'nt throw it back man I'll take it right now and get out of here":nonono. Some people just do not know how good it feels to release a beast to fight another day, and make a hundred more to catch later. I took a few pics on the camera phone, forgot the camera:banghead, and as soon as I figure out how to e-mail the pics and move them around in cyber space I will try to get pictures up.


1 slot red, 1 nice white trout 3lbs.+, dozen croacker,3 whiting and 1 nice Bull 20lbs.+
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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