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Bob Sikes bridge crash

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Check out the news jounal on-line site. They could have left it there, would have made a great spot, it looks totaled anyway

hey guy watch the paint!
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I wonder what # line he is using to haul that catch up:doh. Was the dude drunk? Did they find the driver?
Looks like Power Pro but not sure. The article says he left the site in a volvo after some people fished him out of the water. He did not have a license and some other issues it looks like.
looks like it was a hellova ride down.

i'll bet that guy driving needed some new drawers after he was fished out of the water. that would definitely give new meaning to the term "pucker factor".
Man I thought casting a wait at a boat that got to close to the bridge was wrong, but throwing your truck at em......that's just insane!
If he was DUI when the truck left the bridge he waspossiblysober by the time he came out of the water. I know I would have been. Nothing like a 50 foot drop into the water to sober you up real fast.
i saw them pulling that up tuesday morning about 8 am...

from what i'm told, fishermen pulled the driver up,

they asked him if he was alright, to which he replied.... yeah, i'm fine, but i gotta go... cause i'm fu**ed up!.
That must of been a crazy ride... My uncle is friends with the guy, and I actually called my uncle tues. night to let him know it happend... Uncle called him up and he said he was doing fine, but was going to go to the hospital to get checked out.. I dont think he turned himself in yet....
how'd he manage to get over the guard rails?it isn'tbroken
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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