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If you want to launch in or near Pensacola Bay, look at the following places:

Navy Point Boat Ramp
North side of Pensacola Bay Bridge aka 3 Mile Bridge
South side of 3 mile bridge
Shoreline Park, Gulf Breeze
Bayou Texar
Sanders Beach
Pensacola Shipyard, Bayou Chico

The travel time from Orange Beach to Pensacola is about 1:15 minutes by water, with the biggest contributing factor, the no wake zone at Perdido Bridge area. It is long and takes about 30 - 40 minutes of idle speed.

I personally like the ride myself, and the no wake zone.

Now some do run the Gulf of Mexico from Perdido Pass in Orange Beach, to Pensacola Pass to avoid the No Wake Zone at Perdido Bridge. I like that run also, just outside the sand bar. You can run up on some schooling reds, heck you may even see an Early Migrating Cobia / Ling to throw at
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