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There are only 3 boat ramps "near" Big Lagoon 4 if your in a kayak.

1. Sherman's Cove on the navy base - I think you have to be military

2. Big Lagoon state park - costs 10 bucks unless you buy a yearly pass for 64 bucks

3. Galvez Landing - it's on the other side of a 45 min no wake zone on the way to get to Big Lagoon

4. Johnson's beach has a kayak ramp - it costs 8 bucks I think to enter the park unless you buy a pass not sure how much.

The best deal for me was Big Lagoon state park. Nice ramps, not far from prime fishing spots, and if you buy a pass for a year it pays for itself if you launch there 6 times.

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$25 for a National Park...year to date...well worth it...

and it will not set you back 45 minutes from Galvez...more like 15-20...
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