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Blue Water Creek going Private

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Has anyone that hunts in Blue Water Creek hear that the land will be going private next year. If so, will it be a hunting club? Will it be open to those who currently hunt there? Will it be Zoned off to each person?
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I've heard a couple of rumors about Bluewater. The 1st is that it will be leased out to several clubs next year and the 2nd is that the state has a contract on it until 2010.

Collard will probably be able to give you a better answer.
Geronimo, The last I heard was that the State has a ten year lease and it would stay the way it is until the lease is up. That came straight from the FWC guy at the gate not the gate personnel. There are rumors every year.It may go private one day,but I can only imagine the dues. I hope it stays the way it is for a looong time.
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