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Ollie, Seth, and I initially planned on fishing 3mile bridge but quickly changed plans due to the narsyness of the bay. We went to a more protected area and managed to find fish hanging around rocks on bottom. Seth nabbed 2 sheepshead, Ollie got 1 sheep and 4 black drum, 1 of which was a decent 26inches. I managed a 26inch red and a sheep. No really big sheepshead today, all were 14-16inchers. Between the 3 of us we lost at least a dozen fish to either hook pulls, rock-ups, or just plain sheepshead thievery. They're there and hungry, just a matter of sticking the little punks.

Forgive the extremely poor photo-shopping in some of the pics. The shoreline plus certain channel markers were just too obvious a give-away in some shots. We're under a self imposed gag order concerning our location so don't even ask. I am at liberty to say all were caught on live or fresh dead shrimp fished on bottom. Just watch out for hang-ups.



1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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