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The night fishing on flats and docklights has been great the past week with the full moon and tidal activity. I've caught good fish off docks as well as out away from any artificial light sources. All caught on artificials like yo-zuri crystal minnows, DOA Cal soft plastic jigs, etc. All fish were released.

26inch red that ate the yo-yo crystal minnow on a sand flat under moonlight.

22inch FAT speck, she almost looks like a football! She bulldogged twice for the dock, made me think she was a red till she shock her head like crazy.

25.5inch red that crushed the yo-yo under a docklight

26inch gator, my new personal record. I almost lost her a couple times, once when she surged and rubbed the line against a piling (thank you braid!). After I pulled her out from under the dock she sat in the middle of the light shaking her head like crazy and I didn't feel anymore tension on the line so I thought she spit. Then I realized she had just ran at me, past and under the yak.

I've caught lots more than these but the rest have been unworthy of kayak wars so I've been popping the hooks out quick and not bothering with pics. The skip-cast into the shadow under docklights has been working fantastically. Almost all of the fish, including the 2 big specks, were on as soon as the lure stopped skipping and started sinking.

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