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Went to Blackwater today for some pre Superbowl fishing in the hopes of some hybrids or sheepshead, or perhaps the random redfish. We had live shrimp to counteract the effects of the cold and high water -- and started fishing at the highway 90 bridge. We freelined them with a few slipshot with no luck and then went to a slip bobber rig to get the shrimp down deeper because we were marking fish in 25-30 feet of water. We basically drug the shrimp from Highway 90 down to the railroad bridge, and beyond, with no luck/no bites.

We gave that up after awhile and I eventually managed one small largemouth off the main river in one of the creeks on the slip bobber rig.

After not catching any more fish on the shrimp, we threw plastic worms for awhile and we each managed one small bass in one of the tributaries off the main river.

I also tried a Rapala DT4 and spinnerbait on slow retrieve, but no luck on those.

Did I mention the water temp was 53 and high and muddy?

I'm sure the fishing will pick up if we get some stable weather, but otherwise I think I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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