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Launched the yak around 5:00 a.m., cool air temp, low clouds, ENE wind @ 6-7 mph, last of the falling tide.
Paddled about ½ mile to my first area, not much action. Very few mullet jumping no birds feeding. I spent about 10 min. here before moving on.
Next spot, channel between points of land, last of the falling tide and ENE wind causing some water movement. Noticed some bait fish fleeing for their lives so I moved towards that area. Found a school of small trout, mostly between 12-15”. Lost 1 good keeper fish hook pulled before I could net him.
Moved again to a larger channel, more water movement, mostly due to wind since the tide had bottomed out by now. Found a depth change from 4 ft. to 6 ft. working my lure thru this area very slowly.
1st fish, a nice 23” trout, in the bucket she went. More casts and another 20-almost 21” fish, released. Few more casts, nice 18-19” trout, kept that one also.
Lost 2-3 more in the 18-21” range before some knot-head in a boat came thru and scattered the fish.
Total catch: 12-15 trout, largest being 23” avg. was around 16
”. Caught them all in 3-5 ft. of water.
Fish Wood Tail Fin Salmon-like fish


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Nice trouts....... what kinda lure you hitting em with?
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