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Actually it was pretty uneventful. I caught several barely keeper Trout and decided to go fish some grass on the outgoing tide. I was headed up the river and decided to fish that first point, South of I-10, west side. I saw a push and said, " Aha, Mr. Redfish, your spotted a$$ is mine!" Boy was I mistaken. I made a perfect cast, the best one I made all day, and was hooked up immediately. The fish took off for deep water and there was no stopping it. I had to follow it with my trolling motor to keep from losing all my line. After about 15 minutes, I knew it wasn't a Redfish. I even called my wife, and 15 minutes later called my brother-in -law, and then called my wife again. I'm still fighting the fish and I get my first glance of a HUGE Jack!!!! That's about when he took off again. Now, I'm about 1/2 mile south of the bridge, again. I started working myself and the fish back to the North and then he saw the channel marker. He went right for it, hitting it a couple of times. I figured this is it, it's over. Some how, some way, the fish gods were :D at me. It turned him away and he FINALLY began to tire. I worked my way down to floor and grabbed the net. The first pass was a swing and a miss. I felt like A-Rod. A couple of minutes later, I finally got him in the net, and not sure who was whipped more, me or him. I measured him at 39" from nose to the fork in his tail. It took me over an hour to land him on a 2500 Daiwa Exceler, #10 Fins Braid & #20 Ohero Flourocarbon Leader. Anyone have an idea what it might have weighed???????????????
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