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Blackwater - Sun A.M.

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Started in blackwater before daylight fishing some docks...caught a few small specks (legal but didn't keep them) and lost one nice red at the boat...all caught on a white gulp shrimp n jig head.
After daylight, had lots of company where I was fishing...3 yaks and over the course of the few hours I fished that flat, 4 boats came and went.
The speck bite was HOT!!...caught and released over a dozen good trout (some before I wanted to, nice way of saying lost at the boat) Ended up keeping just one at 18”, see photo.
Caught specks up till about 11:00 a.m. …all bites came on 1 of 3 presentations, Zara spook, Rapala or mirro-dine.
Bite started shallow, close to grass beds and as the sun rose, fish moved into deeper water, pretty normal routine. Caught the better fish between 7 ft. – 12 ft….they were still hitting top water till I left…love the top water bite!!
Really wanted some Reds though.


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Good job. I was one of the yaks out there. The cold chased me off. I should of dressed warmer.
The wind was fierce and made boat control of any size a chore. I moved over into the basin on the leeward side and found a few.
Sounds like a good day on the water Bruce. Sure beats work don't it?
You know it...hey PM me when you want to go again...maybe some afternoon fishing since my morning hours are getting shorter.:thumbup:
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