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Late report:
Well, started out before daylight fishing some lighted and un lighted docks in black water, S. of I-10 bridge....caught 3 reds...all too short for the slot and several smaller specks (10" - 15").

Moved further south, proved to be a good move, found a spot about 4 ft. - 10 ft...Reds were busting bait; specks were chasing the leftovers and hurt ones.

Throwing a top water plug, had some great blowups. Kept a limit for count was over a dozen trout, 3 reds and 2 needle fish. Never got close enough to the Reds to gauge their size but judging from the size of the bait jumping out of the water…must have been some big boys!

Lures used were 3” gulp shrimp on a 1/8” oz. jig head, top water jerk bait.
I'll take pics. next time...till then it's just a fish story, lol.
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