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Got out to blackwater this morning around 615 or so. had a few strikes but very little top water action. May not have been fishing the right spots. Caught a bunch of undersized specks and some white trout. changed spots a few times with about the same level of success.

I foul hooked a small menhaden on a 17MR right as we were about to pack up. Stared at it for a minute or so and asked my buddy if he could survive the wrath of the wife if he was a few minutes late. He said sure, so I threw on a hook and free lined him off the back, while we started throwing some jerk shads. had 20 lb braid with a 20 lb flouro leader for the menhaden. He missed what figure was a nice slot red. About 5 minutes later the live bait rod bent over and the drag started screaming. Almost spooled me down to my few yards of mono backing on the first run. fired up the engine and started chasing it down. After 35 minutes I got a good look, and it was a huge Jack Crevalle (I think...still new to saltwater). I estimated it around 4 feet give or take. The line had gotten wrapped around the fish and the trailing line was coming from around its tail. about 5 minutes later the line snapped as he was coming back up towards the surface again. So I only brought back 2 really pissed off fisherman and no pictures of a big a$$ fish to the dock today haha.

Incredibly disappointed at the moment as this would have been the biggest fish I'd ever caught by far. But it was a really fun fight.
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