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Blackwater 10/13...

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Went this morning to BW, fishing was good we caught about 20 undersized speaks only 2 solid keepers, 10 bass, 5 keepers, 3 reds,and a sheepshead. Lots of fish not much size; fish came on live shrimp, mirrodines, and flukes. Bass were killing the shrimp. Fished the sunken barges below I-10 they were holding alot of specks and a couple reds...sorry couldn't rotate pic.


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was looking for some this morn. no luck... did see a couple schools of bait fish being rushed might of been stripes.
yea that was me, my uncles new rig...he was small maybe 10-12 in.
Was that right out there where I came up on you guys from the south, then you guys took off?
Maybe, not sure really, we were fishing a spot with a bunch of rock and piled up wood south of the bridge about 7-8am, when I think I saw you coming from the south.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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