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We're holding our annual Black Friday sale at MBT next Friday - 27 Nov.We've had lots of requests for extra time for everyone that'll be out of town for the week or out hunting, so...We're offering an early opportunity for PFF folks to take advantage of the deals we've got coming up.

This Sunday, Nov 22 from 8am -3pm we're holding an early Black Friday sale at MBT. The regular flyer isn't out yet, and we're not publicly announcing the deals until monday, but to give you some idea of what we'll have:

Nitrox Comoputer - $189

5mm Wetsuit (Not the cheaposuits)- $119

Biller Spearguns - too cheap to advertise

All Eyewear and Footwear - 25-30% off

Dive Lights - too cheap to advertise

ALL surfboards - 20% off - even used boards

Much much more.

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