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SOS is leading you in the right direction.

Did I miss something and remove a perfectly good piece of equipment?

Very possible.

What SOS said or undersized wire and corrosion in the wiring. If the wiring was minumal to begin with [very possible with factory wiring] then some corrosion IN the wiring, then it will draw more current. Thus popping the fuse.

People that don't understand wiring and terminology of wiring will say there is a "Short".

A "Short" will have a direct path to ground. [This can happen with a stalled pump motor] It would make no difference what fuse you put in it if there was a "Short". It would blow in a heart beat. That is "Unless" you put such a BIG fuse in the circuit that the "FUSE" can handle a whole bunch of amperage, at that point the wiring may "NOT" handle the amperage and thur the wiring starts to melt down and smoke/ fire.
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