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Fishing saturday the 19th out of Destin. The day started with the seas fairly flat in close. It grew to 3-4 out 18 miles. We tried to fish some public #'s, no luck holding on a small area. We made a slow 2 mile crawl into the waves to an area of natural bottom. We caught 1 mangrove, 1 red, 2 lane, and 2 keeper red grouper. By then, the waves had dropped, we went to one of my reefs and finished our limit of red snapper. Checked out a couple of other places, then ran a few miles inshore to more natural bottom. Waves were down to 2-3', I felt that I could anchor.

We selected the spot and dropped the anchor. We stayed a while then decided to move. I attatched the poly ball, then started into the wind. Around 300' away from where we were fishing, I saw the classic image of a chicken coop on my bottom machine. Straight up, straight over, then straight down. I marked the spot, and congradulated myself for the find.:clap We continued on to retrive my anchor. Great, I thought, it's hung in the bottom. More power, watch the rope closely. We started moving, went 500'. Then it dawned on me, I was dragging the coop!:doh

We pulled and changed directions for several minutes trying to dislodge my anchor. No luck. We tried pulling the anchor line by hand. No luck. We finally pulled as much line as possible, marked the spot, then cut my anchor line.

I really feel sorry for the person that lost the reef. It ended quite a ways from the original spot.

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