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Big Thanks to the RFRA

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I just wanted to thank Capt. Paul and the RFRA for putting on a wonderful tournament last week. They did a tremendous job putting everything together. The spearfishermen really appreciate being included in the tournament. I wish every fishing tournamnent had a spearfishing division. We will definitely be shooting this tournament again next year. Thanks to everyone at the RFRA, the sponsors, and all of the participants. It was a great tournmanent.:clap:clap:clap
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I did take 1st place snapper with a 25.8, and two other guys on our team (Kevin Trussler and Chris Wilson) took places in Amberjack, Trigger, and Snapper. Team Holy Spirit kicked ass this weekend. Pictures are coming soon.
sweet ass man... yea When you showed wayne(the guy i was with) he was like , " Man, Parker thats the biggest snapper i've ever seen and i've been fishing for awhile now."

HAHA! nice fish mang!
Looking at the monster you had in the cooler down at MBT I figured you were at least going to place with a snapper or two.

Good to hear Kevin and Chris got on the board too.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of the pics too.

Sounds likeI need to buy you a beer sometime and get caught up on the stories from Bonaireand the RFRA tourney.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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