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Big Speck

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Fished a couple of hours last evening. tide was making the moon was full the sun had just dropped. I caught a little trout I made a few more casts and Wham! Mr big hits and takes off enventually I turned him I got him about 20 ft from me and then he did a couple of laps. reached out and removed the hook from his lip , then i released him. That was the biggest trout ive caught in three months. This trout Is A GATOR! And she is still out there to fight again. This trout was over 5lbs and it was all of 26 inches because i held him against my rod and then measured when i got home.I caught @ DB Flats Thats East of the Navarre bridge On the south side of the sound. If you are fishing from the wall between the bridges You are close , but to reach it you have to wade. Good Luck :usaflag
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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